NZ Made and Manufactured

NZ Made and Manufactured

Eliminate Hazardous Airborne Lead
Save Time
Power Through the Hardest Paint

Nothing’s as
efficient as an
Aqua Stripper

Engineered to last a lifetime, the robust Kiwi designed head and disc paired with the highest quality Italian diamond tipped discs and Zirconia tipped sanding pads… will change the way you think about paint removal.

Cut Surface Prep
Time up to 10X!

Diamond Tipped
Made Discs

Works on the
Hardest and Thickest
Paint Jobs

A Range of Paint
and Finishing

Double Swivel
for Easy

Eliminates Lead Dust
and Lead Poisoning



We Guarantee it

What’s behind
the power

The Aqua Stripper is water blaster / power washer driven. Simply connect to a medium size blaster to unleash paint stripping power.

Designed especially for the hardest of lead based paints, but works on any other stripping job you can throw at it.

Aqua Stripper
Kit Options

Aqua Stripper Gun Kit

15ltr Aqua Stripper Gun connect and use with your own water blaster (working requirements: 4000+ working psi, Water flow 15 to 21 litres per minute, Optimal working speed 3500 rpm)

Aqua Stripper Blaster Kit

21ltr Aqua Stripper Gun + Industrial Grade Blaster with 13hp Honda petrol engine and 21 litre per minute comet industrial pump

Geotextile Matting

Sanding Solutions provide the best quality matting to catch any contaminants and filter water in accordance with NZ storm water regulations

The Sanding Solutions Process

Attach your Aqua Stripper to a medium sized petrol or diesel powered water blaster matching the specs below

Lay Geotextile Matting

Strip paint faster than ever

For Painters, By Painters

Karl Fogarty, Inventor of the Aqua Stripper has over 30 years of experience in the painting and restoration business. Karl is a true blue Kiwi inventor from Hawkes Bay.

He has carefully designed and engineered every detail of the Aqua Stripper to perform better than any other product on the market when it comes to stripping back stubborn paint.

Lead-based paints are everywhere, and poor surface prep and application of layers and layers of paint are rife. If you’re ready to cut prep time down and make easy work of the toughest jobs.

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